About Uclid IT School

Uclid IT School is a global online education provider with a vision to provide world class learning platform to cater to the needs of both individual and corporate clients. We offer both Live Online Trainings and Self-paced Recorded Trainings with high quality training content delivered by highly experienced Instructors.

Why Uclid IT School ?

  • Live Virtual Online Trainings

    Join our highly interactive Live Virtual Trainings

  • Self-paced Recorded Trainings

    Learning at your own Pace and Comfort - 24x7

  • Highly Experienced Instructors

    Learn from IT Professionals and SMEs

Student Testimonials

“I had the privilege of taking Oracle Exadata class at UCLID. It is one of the best training I have ever had. The Instructor, Mr.Murali, is professional and knowledgeable. Lots of hands-on training. If you are thinking of Exadata Training, I recommend UCLID for you”.”

Student - Exadata, Oracle Database Cloud

Tarig Elnour

“"One and only one Uclid IT School for Oracle Exadata. It’s great to learn from Mr. Muralidhar. He explains the things very plainly in a trouble-free and in understanding way. It is the first institute where I believe that I can accomplish good knowledge & confident on subject. I had a wonderful learning experience. It feels like Real Time Practical Training. A BIG Thanks"”

Exadata Student

Hamza Abubakr

“"I have learned OracleDBA ,RAC,Linux and Exadata at Uclid IT school. Uclid IT School is one of the best IT school that I found . To be honest Uclid is the right choice to be a professional; they have good faculty as well as excellent trainers, specially. Mr. Muralidhar sir is the best teacher in my learning experience so far. I would like to recommend everyone to attend his class. Finally I want to say Thanks to UCLID IT SCHOOL"”

Student - Oracle DBA, RAC

Dersoamlak Mengesha


  • What type of Trainings are available?

    We have both LIVE VIRTUAL and SELF-PACED RECORDED training available.

  • What is the difference between LIVE VIRTUAL training and SELF-PACED RECORDED training?

    In LIVE VIRTUAL training, students will have to join live sessions on daily basis, for the duration of the training. Training duration would be between 4 -6 weeks depending on the course. Daily Session duration could be between 60 - 90 minutes depending on the course.

    In SELF-PACED RECORDED training, students will be provided access to pre-recorded videos for self study purpose. Students can play these recordings any time as per their free time and learn. No need to join the training sessions on daily basis.

    Course Curriculum is same for both trainings.

  • Is there any fee difference between LIVE VIRTUAL and SELF-PACED RECORDED training?


    In general, SELF-PACED RECORDED training is
    30 -50% less cost compared to LIVE VIRTUAL training, depending on the course.

  • Is there a Free Trail available for Courses?

    YES. All our courses have selection of lectures that you can watch Free before you decide to purchase the full course.

  • How long can i access the course?

    Once you subscribe to the course, the course is available for 180 days with 24x7 access. However, if you need extended access you can renew your subscription.

  • What about Lab?

    For Oracle Exadata course (both LIVE and SELF-PACED) we provide 5 weeks of online Lab Access to Exadata Lab.

    For all other courses, you can use your personal system for lab.

  • How do i pay the course Fee?

    You can pay using our secured payment gateway - PayPal

  • Do you have fee refund policy?

    Currently we do not have fee refund policy. Thats why we offer free preview of selected videos from each course to help you take a decision.

  • What about Support?

    Our support team is ready to help at any stage of the learning. You can interact with the Course Instructors directly using E-mail, WhatsApp, and Phone calls as required.