Course Description

Amazon Web Services Administration (AWS Administration) course starts your Cloud Journey. If you are planning to learn Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services , then this is the course for you.This course lets you master various Services and Products offered by AWS to enable you build and manage highly sophisticated, scalable, available, and cost effective solutions on AWS Cloud Platform.

This course covers all the core topics related to various Associate & Professional Level Exams like – AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator.

  • Course Instructor

    The course Instructor, Muralidhar Punyala, is an IT professional with 24 years of global IT experience. Murali worked with various global organizations in countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. Currently Murali is the Director at Uclid IT School and previously worked as Practice Manager at Oracle India.

    Muralidhar Punyala

    Chief Instructor

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Overview of Cloud Computing
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    • What is Cloud Computing? Benefits of Cloud Computing, Service Models, Deployment Models
  • 02
    Overview of Amazon Web Services
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    • What is AWS? Why AWS?, AWS Products/Services, AWS Market Place, AWS Pricing
  • 03
    AWS Certifications
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    • AWS Certifications
  • 04
    AWS Free Tier
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    • AWS Free Tier details
    • Creating Free Tier Account
  • 05
    Becoming Familiar with AWS Console
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    • Becoming Familiar with AWS Console options
  • 06
    IAM - Identity and Access Management
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    • IAM Concepts, Creating Users, Configure Console Access
    • Configuring AWS Programmatic Access
    • Groups, Roles, ARN
    • Policies
    • Identity Federation, IAM Limits and Pricing
  • 07
    VPC - Virtual Private Cloud
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    • Networking Basics for Non-networking Professionals
    • VPC Components
    • VPC IP Addressing, Key Pair
    • Default VPC and Default VPC Components
    • Launch EC2 Instance into Default VPC
    • Connecting to Instance Remotely
    • Start/Stop Instance and Explore Instance details
    • Security Groups and Network ACLs
    • Creating Custom VPC
    • VPC Peering
    • VPC Pricing and Quotas
  • 08
    EC2 - Elastic Compute Cloud
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  • 09
    ELB - Elastic Load Balancing
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    • Elastic Load Balancing
  • 10
    AWS Auto Scaling
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    • Auto Scaling Part1
    • Auto Scaling Part2
  • 11
    RDS - Relational Database Service
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    • RDS Part1
    • RDS Part2
  • 12
    S3 - Simple Storage Service
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    • S3 Part1
    • S3 Part2
  • 13
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    • CloudWatch Part1
    • CloudWatch Part2

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