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    Part 1: Overview of Multitenant Architecture

    • Overview of Multitenant Architecture

    • Creating your first Container Database

    • Overview of Containers in a CDB

    • Overview of Services and Client Connections in a CDB

    • Overview of Data Dictionary in a CDB

    • Overview of Users, Roles, Privileges in a CDB

    • Overview of Tablespaces, Backup Recovery, Flashback, Resource Manager in a CDB

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    Part 2: Creating and Removing PDBs and Application Containers

    • Overview of Creating PDBs and PDB Creation Clauses

    • Creating PDB from Scratch

    • Cloning a Local PDB

    • Cloning a Remote PDB

    • Cloning a remote non-CDB

    • Refreshable Clone PDB

    • Relocating a PDB

    • Overview of Plugging and Unplugging of PDB

    • Plugging-in an Unplugged PDB

    • Adopting a non-CDB as PDB

    • Creating Proxy PDB

    • Creating Application Containers, Application Seed, Application PDBs

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    Part 3: Administering Multitenant Environment

    • Overview of Administering Multitenant Architecture

    • Overview of Manageability Features in a CDB

    • Modifying CDB and PDBs

    • Cross-Container Operations

    • Running Oracle-supplied SQL Scripts in a CDB

    • Startup and Shutdown of CDB and PDBs

    • Managing Tablespaces in CDB

    • Administering CDB Fleet

    • Restricting Container Data View

    • PDB Lockdown Profiles

    • Administering Application Containers and Applications

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    Part 4: Using Oracle Features in Multitenant Environment

    • Backup and Recovery in Multitenant Environment

    • Flashback Database in Multitenant Environment

    • Using Data Pump in Multitenant Environment

    • Using Resource Manager in Multitenant Environment

    • Patching in Multitenant Environment

    • Upgrading a Container Database - Concepts

    • Upgrading a Container Database - Demo

Course Instructor

Muralidhar Punyala

Murali is an IT Professional, Consultant, Coach, Mentor having 25 year of Global IT experience. Murali worked with some of the world's largest organizations in India, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and provided Technical and Consulting services related to Database Planning, Design, Implementation, High Avalability, Scalability, Security and Performance Engineering.

Currently Murali is the Director at Uclid IT School and previously worked as Practice Manager at Oracle India.

Murali is a passionate Coach and Mentor who believes in giving back through sharing knowledge.

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