Course Description

Oracle Database Administration (DBA) training teaches you how to install and manage Oracle Database. You will learn various aspects of Database Management including - Installation, Managing Database Users, Managing Space, Managing various files of the database, Managing Privileges and Roles, Configuring Oracle Net Services, Backup and Recovery etc... Each topic has lab practice with step by step instructions.

  • Course Instructor

    The course Instructor, Muralidhar Punyala, is an IT professional with 24 years of global IT experience. Murali worked with various global organizations in countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. Currently Murali is the Director at Uclid IT School and previously worked as Practice Manager at Oracle India.

    Muralidhar Punyala

    Chief Instructor

Course FAQ

  • What are the course entitlements?

    As part of subscription, students will get the following:
    1) 180 days 24/7 Online Access to Course Recordings
    2) Downloadable copy of Lab Guide

  • Can i download the course recordings?

    NO. Course recordings are available for online play only. You can access the recordings 24/7 for 180 days

  • How do i practice Lab sessions?

    You can use your personal laptop/desktop for lab practice. The course has instructions on how to install and create Oracle Database on your personal laptop.

  • What if i have doubts?

    You can interact with Course Instructor any time using a variety of channels like - Whatsapp, Phone, E-mail for clarifying your doubts

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Course Materials
    Show details
    • Oracle DBA Lab Guide
    • Oracle DBA Slides
    • Oracle DBA Theory Guide
  • 02
    Introduction to DBMS ******(FREE PREVIEW)
    Show details
  • 03
    Oracle Database Architecture - Part1 ******(FREE PREVIEW)
    Show details
  • 04
    Oracle Database Architecture - Part2
    Show details
    • Architecture - Part2
  • 05
    Creating VM and Installing Linux ******(FREE PREVIEW)
    Show details
  • 06
    Installing Oracle Database 12c
    Show details
    • Installing Oracle Database 12c
  • 07
    Exploring Oracle Database
    Show details
    • Exploring the Database
  • 08
    Data Dictionary
    Show details
    • Data Dictionary
  • 09
    Database Startup and Shutdown
    Show details
  • 10
    Initialization Parameters
    Show details
    • Initialization Parameters
  • 11
    Managing Diagnostic Data
    Show details
    • Managing Diagnostic Data
  • 12
    Managing Tablespaces and Data Files
    Show details
    • Managing Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • 13
    Managing Database Space
    Show details
    • Managing Database Space
  • 14
    Managing Control Files
    Show details
    • Managing Control Files
  • 15
    Managing Redo Log Files
    Show details
    • Redo Log Files
  • 16
    Managing Archiving Log Files
    Show details
    • Archive Log Files
  • 17
    Oracle Managed Files
    Show details
    • Oracle Managed Files
  • 18
    Managing Database User Accounts
    Show details
    • User Administration
  • 19
    Managing Privileges
    Show details
    • Managing Privileges
  • 20
    Show details
    • roles-new
  • 21
    Oracle Net Services
    Show details
    • Oracle Net Services
  • 22
    Backup Recovery - Part1
    Show details
    • Backup Recovery Part1
  • 23
    Backup Recovery - Part2
    Show details
    • Backup Recovery Part2
  • 24
    Backup Recovery - Part3
    Show details
    • Backup Recovery Part3
  • 25
    Backup Recovery - Part4
    Show details
    • Backup Recovery Part4
  • 26
    Flashback Features
    Show details
    • 27-Flashback-Technologies
  • 27
    Oracle Data Pump
    Show details
    • Data Pump
  • 28
    Database Patching
    Show details
    • 26-Patching
  • 29
    Multitenant Architecture - Part1
    Show details
    • 28-Multitenant-Architecture-Part1
  • 30
    Multitenant Architecture - Part2
    Show details
    • 29-Multitenant-Architecture-Part2

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