Course Description

Oracle Exadata Database Machine (DBM) is software and hardware engineered together to provide the highest-performing and most-available platform for running Oracle Database.

This course prepares you to handle both Basic and Advanced administration of Exadata DBM. The course introduces you to the core concepts of Exadata with emphasis on Exadata Storage and the Key Features of Exadata like Flash Cache, Flash Log, Smart Scan, Hybrid Columnar Compression, Storage Indexes, and IO Resource Management. After mastering the core concepts, you will be taken through the advanced aspects of Exadata like Exadata Backup & Recovery, Exadata Patching procedures, Exadata Migration Procedures, Bulk Data Loading on Exadata, Configuring Exadata Storage Security, Monitoring Exadata, Exadata Maintenance Procedures, and various tools/utilities used to manage/monitor Exadata.

  • Course Instructor

    The course Instructor, Muralidhar Punyala, is an IT professional with 24 years of global IT experience. Murali worked with various global organizations in countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. Currently Murali is the Director at Uclid IT School and previously worked as Practice Manager at Oracle India.

    Muralidhar Punyala

    Chief Instructor

Course FAQ

  • What are the course entitlements?

    As part of subscription, students will get the following: 1) Course Slides 2) Step-by-Step Lab Guide 3) Access to Exadata Lab 4) Access to Course Recordings

  • Can i download the course recordings?


    Course recordings are available for online play only. You can access the recordings 24x7.

  • How long can i access the course recordings?

    You can access the course recordings for 180 days from the date of subscription.

  • How long can i access Lab?

    As part of course subscription, you will have access to Exadata lab for 4 weeks.

    However, you can extend the lab access as many days as you wish, subjected to availability of free servers, by paying monthly access fee INR 10,000.

    You can decide start date for Lab practice/access.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Course Materials - Downloadable
    Show details
    • Exadata Slides
    • Exadata Lab Guide
  • 02
    About Course Instructor
    Show details
  • 03
    Course Curriculum
    Show details
  • 04
    Overview of Exadata
    Show details
  • 05
    Exadata Components
    Show details
  • 06
    Exadata Versions
    Show details
  • 07
    Exadata Editions
    Show details
  • 08
    Exadata Hardware
    Show details
  • 09
    Exadata Configurations
    Show details
  • 10
    Exadata Architecture
    Show details
    • 09-Exadata-Architecture
  • 11
    Exadata Networking
    Show details
    • 10-Exadata-Networking
  • 12
    Cell Accounts
    Show details
    • Overview of Cell Accounts
    • LAB - Connecting to Exadata Lab
    • LAB - Exploring Cell Accounts
  • 13
    Cell Processes
    Show details
    • 12-Cell-Processes
  • 14
    Cell Log Files
    Show details
    • 13-Cell-Logfiles
  • 15
    Show details
    • 14-CellCLI
  • 16
    Show details
    • 15-DCLI-Utility
  • 17
    Managing Cell Processes
    Show details
    • 16-Managing-Cell-Processes
  • 18
    Managing Cell Alerts
    Show details
    • 17-Managing-Cell-Alerts
  • 19
    Exadata Storage Concepts
    Show details
    • LUN, Cell Disks, Grid Disks
    • FlashCache, FlashLog
    • Listing Storage Objects
  • 20
    Exadata Initial Storage Configuration
    Show details
    • Initial Storage Configuration
  • 21
    Exadata Storage Administration
    Show details
    • THEORY - Creating Cell Disks, Grid Disks
    • LAB - Creating Cell Disks, Grid Disks
    • Online Storage Reconfiguration
    • Automatic Exadata Storage Management
  • 22
    Flash Cache & Flash Log
    Show details
    • Flash Cache and Flash Log
  • 23
    Exadata Smart Scan
    Show details
    • Exadata Smart Scan
  • 24
    Hybrid Columnar Compression and Storage Indexes
    Show details
    • HCC, Storage Indexes
  • 25
    Exadata IORM
    Show details
    • I/O Resource Management
  • 26
    Monitoring Exadata Storage Servers
    Show details
    • Monitoring Exadata
  • 27
    Exadata Backup and Recovery
    Show details
    • Exadata Backup and Recovery
  • 28
    Patching Exadata System
    Show details
    • Exadata Patching
    • Exadata Storage Server Patching- Recorded Demo
  • 29
    Migrating to Exadata
    Show details
    • Migrating to Exadata
  • 30
    DBFS-Storage Security-Exadata Maintenance
    Show details
    • DBFS, Storage Security, Exadata Maintenance

Course Fee