Course Description

Oracle Exadata Database Machine (DBM) is software and hardware engineered together to provide the highest-performing and most-available platform for running Oracle Database.

This course prepares you to handle both Basic and Advanced administration of Exadata DBM. The course introduces you to the core concepts of Exadata with emphasis on Exadata Storage and the Key Features of Exadata like Flash Cache, Flash Log, Smart Scan, Hybrid Columnar Compression, Storage Indexes, and IO Resource Management. After mastering the core concepts, you will be taken through the advanced aspects of Exadata like Exadata Backup & Recovery, Exadata Patching procedures, Exadata Migration Procedures, Bulk Data Loading on Exadata, Configuring Exadata Storage Security, Monitoring Exadata, Exadata Maintenance Procedures, and various tools/utilities used to manage/monitor Exadata.

Students will have access to online Exadata Lab and perform various hands-on practices throughout the course.

This Course will prepare you for Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Exadata X5 Administrator Certification Exam.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Materials - Downloadable

    • Exadata Slides

    • Exadata Lab Guide

  • 10

    Exadata Architecture

    • 09-Exadata-Architecture

  • 11

    Exadata Networking

    • 10-Exadata-Networking

  • 12

    Cell Accounts

    • Overview of Cell Accounts

    • LAB - Connecting to Exadata Lab

    • LAB - Exploring Cell Accounts

  • 13

    Cell Processes

    • 12-Cell-Processes

  • 14

    Cell Log Files

    • 13-Cell-Logfiles

  • 15


    • 14-CellCLI

  • 16


    • 15-DCLI-Utility

  • 17

    Managing Cell Processes

    • 16-Managing-Cell-Processes

  • 18

    Managing Cell Alerts

    • 17-Managing-Cell-Alerts

  • 19

    Exadata Storage Concepts

    • LUN, Cell Disks, Grid Disks

    • FlashCache, FlashLog

    • Listing Storage Objects

  • 20

    Exadata Initial Storage Configuration

    • Initial Storage Configuration

  • 21

    Exadata Storage Administration

    • THEORY - Creating Cell Disks, Grid Disks

    • LAB - Creating Cell Disks, Grid Disks

    • Online Storage Reconfiguration

    • Automatic Exadata Storage Management

  • 22

    Flash Cache & Flash Log

    • Flash Cache and Flash Log

  • 23

    Exadata Smart Scan

    • Exadata Smart Scan

  • 24

    Hybrid Columnar Compression and Storage Indexes

    • HCC, Storage Indexes

  • 25

    Exadata IORM

    • I/O Resource Management

  • 26

    Monitoring Exadata Storage Servers

    • Monitoring Exadata

  • 27

    Exadata Backup and Recovery

    • Exadata Backup and Recovery

  • 28

    Patching Exadata System

    • Exadata Patching

    • Exadata Storage Server Patching- Recorded Demo

  • 29

    Migrating to Exadata

    • Migrating to Exadata

  • 30

    DBFS-Storage Security-Exadata Maintenance

    • DBFS, Storage Security, Exadata Maintenance

  • 31

    Request your LAB Access

    • Request your LAB Access

Course Instructor

Muralidhar Punyala

Murali is an IT Professional, Consultant, Coach, Mentor having 25 year of Global IT experience. Murali worked with some of the world's largest organizations in India, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and provided Technical and Consulting services related to Database Planning, Design, Implementation, High Avalability, Scalability, Security and Performance Engineering.

Currently Murali is the Director at Uclid IT School and previously worked as Practice Manager at Oracle India.

Murali is a passionate Coach and Mentor who believes in giving back through sharing knowledge.


  • What are the course entitlements?

    As part of the subscription, you will get the following:
    1) Course Slides-Downloadable
    2) Lab Guide-Downloadable
    3) Online Access to Exadata Lab - 4 weeks, 24/7 access
    4) Online Access to Course Videos - 6 months, 24/7 access

  • When can i start using the Lab?

    After enrolling into the course, you can start using the Lab any time you wish. For best learning experience, we suggest you to first go through all videos and then start Lab practices.

  • How do i access Exadata Lab?

    You can access the lab over Internet using your access credentials. You just a need a basic laptop/desktop with Internet connection to access the lab.

  • Can i extend Lab Access?

    YES. You can extend Lab Access as much time as you wish with an additional monthly charge of INR 10,000

  • What if i have doubts, issues during Lab practice?

    You can contact the course instructor directly via Phone, Whatsapp, Email. Course Instructor is available 7am - 10pm India time.

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