Course Description

Oracle RAC is the foundation for Oracle’s Grid computing and provides Scalability and High Availability to business critical 24x7 databases. This course prepares the students to successfully administer and manage Oracle RAC Databases.

Students will gain thorough knowledge about Oracle RAC Concepts, Architecture, Management and Administration. Students will get hands-on exposure to:

  • Installing ,Configuring and Administering Oracle 12c Grid Infrastructure
  • Implementing Oracle Flex Cluster – a new cluster introduced in 12c
  • Configuring & Administering Oracle Flex ASM 
  • Installing, Configuring and Administering Oracle 12c RAC Databases and understand new features in Oracle 12c RAC
  • Patching RAC environments using rolling patching method
  • Converting single instance database to RAC
  • Course Instructor

    The course Instructor, Muralidhar Punyala, is an IT professional with 24 years of global IT experience. Murali worked with various global organizations in countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. Currently Murali is the Director at Uclid IT School and previously worked as Practice Manager at Oracle India.

    Muralidhar Punyala

    Chief Instructor

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Course Materials
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    • RAC-Lab-Guide
    • RAC-Theory-Guide
  • 02
    Oracle RAC Concepts
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  • 03
    Installing Oracle RAC
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    • RAC Install - Part1
    • RAC Install - Part2
    • RAC Install - Part3
    • RAC Install - Part4
    • RAC Install - Part5
  • 04
    Administering Oracle Clusterware
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    • OCW Admin - Part1
    • OCW Admin - Part2
    • OCW Admin - Part3
    • OCW Admin - Part4
    • OCW Admin - Part5
    • OCW Admin - Part6
  • 05
    ASM Administration
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    • ASM Admin - Part1
    • ASM Admin - Part2
  • 06
    RAC Administration
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    • RAC Admin - Part1
    • RAC Admin - Part2
    • RAC Admin - Part3
  • 07
    Patching Oracle RAC
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    • RAC Patching
  • 08
    Migrating to ASM , Converting to RAC
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    • Migrating to ASM, Converting to RAC

Course Fee